The SQA L&D9DI Competence Assessment and L&D11 Internal Verification of Workplace Assessment courses enable successful learners to conduct workplace assessments and perform internal verification of workplace assessments. The courses explain how to assess workers against national and occupational standards and also company specific standards, where appropriate. Once qualified, delegates are also skilled to monitor the assessment process and to maintain and improve the quality of workplace assessments.

SQA L&D9DI – Assessment usingDirect & Indirect Methods

SQA L&D9DI – Assessment using
Direct & Indirect Methods

The Workplace Assessor Award is a unit of accreditation. This Unit is for individuals who assess in the workplace using a wide range of assessment methods, both direct and indirect.

SQA L&D11 - Internal Verificationof Workplace Assessment

SQA L&D11 – Internal Verification of Workplace Assessment

This course is suitable for those involved in the quality assurance of workplace assessment and is recommended for those who carry out the internal quality assurance of the assessment process.