OPITO Competence Assessor

OPITO Competence Assessor

OPITO Competence Assessor Award

Classroom / Blended Learning

Competence Assessors are trained to conduct assessments on the organisation’s personnel to ensure they are competent to perform their work according to operational standards.

This learning programme will provide trainee assessors / delegates with the tools to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out assessments within the workplace.

This award is open to delegates who are required to assess against in-house or OPITO standards. The learning programmes are accredited by OPITO and delivers a comprehensive guide to conducting assessments in the workplace and ensuring competence in your workplace.

The OPITO Competence Assessor Award Certificate indicates that the delegate has achieved the level of competence required to be recognised as an OPITO Certified Competence Assessor.

What Language is the course delivered in ?

Classroom Based Training – We can deliver the course in both English & Russian.

Blended Learning – This is currently only available in English.

Where is the Course Delivered ?

We have regular open courses that you can attend at our facility in Liverpool or Aberdeen.  Please click here for course availability.

We also offer this course as a ‘Blended Learning Course’ – click here for details.

Can you deliver the course at my facility?


However there are some pre-requisites that we need to confirm in advance.

Do you deliver this training outside the UK ?

YES – we can deliver this training both within the UK and Internationally.

Our instructors have experience of delivering training in a variety of locations Globally.  For more information, please contact us to see how we can meet your needs.

  • Gain an insight into the assessment process
  • Integration of assessment process and training objectives
  • Improved communication skills
  • Ability to encourage and motivate people
  • Professional development

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This course is currently only available as blended learning option.

If you require face 2 face delivery, please email info@safer-training.com

OPITO Competence Assessor Award


Two days

Awarding Body


This accredited OPITO Competence Assessor Award programme has been specifically designed for delegates who:

  • Have access to 2 candidates with the same discipline
  • Are considered technically competent in the area they are expected to assess
  • Are required to carry out assessments and make assessment decisions
  • Are prepared to ask candidates questions as required to clarify an element of the standard(s) being assessed
  • Have the ability to judge whether the candidate’s performance/responses are acceptable and satisfy the requirements of the standard(s) being assessed
  • Have the ability to correctly complete the assessment paperwork/report
  • Are able to give constructive feedback to the candidate on the results of the assessment

The OPTIO Competence Assessor Award Certificate indicates that the delegate has achieved the level of competence required to be recognised as an OPITO Certified Competence Assessor.

OPITO Exclusion Notes:
  1. Achievement of this qualification does not entitle the holder to award any certificate bearing OPITO’s logo and name. OPITO-approved certificates can only be granted by an OPITO-approved provider.
  2. The holder of the OPITO Competence Assessor certificate may not be recognised to assess qualifications issued by other organisations e.g. National or Scottish Vocational Qualifications in the UK. Delegates should clarify with the relevant organisation prior to conducting assessment.

The training consists of the following modules and elements:

  1. Introduction to Assessment
    1.1. Introduction to competence assessment
    1.2. Evidence sources
  2. Planning and Carrying out the Assessment
    2.1 Assessment planning
    2.2 Collecting and evaluating evidence and making the assessment decision
  3. Feedback and Record Keeping
    3.1 Recording assessment decisions
    3.2 Providing feedback

Delegates will complete an open book written test, maximum 60 minutes, in an invigilated environment, testing the underpinning knowledge of the theory learning outcomes 1-15, of the OPITO Competence Assessor Training Standard.

Workplace Evidence Requirements

In order to achieve the Workplace Evidence Requirements, delegates must submit, as a minimum, the assessment-related documentation listed below to SAFER Training within a twelve month period.  Two candidates must be assessed in the workplace and the same two candidates must be used throughout the assessment process:

a) A minimum of one Assessment Plan for each candidate containing the following information:

  1. Who is to be involved in the assessment
  2. Unit(s)/Criteria/Task to be assessed
  3. Planned assessment date(s)
  4. Assessment method(s) to be used including, as a minimum, observation or simulation and questioning (per candidate).

b) Records for each candidate demonstrating that the planned assessments were carried out using appropriate assessment methods

c) An assessment record for each candidate demonstrating that the evidence gathered in the assessment is mapped against the relevant Unit(s)/Criteria/Task

d) Records of feedback to each candidate which include the assessment decision made

e) Internal Verification Records of both assessments by the employing organisation’s representative responsible for the quality assurance of assessment decisions

This OPITO approved training course is designed to provide delegates with the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct workplace assessments.

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