IOSH Working Safely in the Oil & Gas Industry

IOSH Managing Safely in the Marine and Subsea Industries

IOSH Managing Safely in the Marine & Subsea Industries

This IOSH certified Managing Safely in the Marine and Subsea Industries course provides underpinning knowledge to personnel in supervisory or management covering a broad spectrum of HSE topics. These include: identifying workplace hazards; controlling risks; and legal issues such as applicable legislation and a company’s legal obligations.

Upon completion of the IOSH Managing Safely in the Marine & Subsea Industries course, learners will possess the knowledge required to supervise and manage personnel in-line with best HSE practice. Learners will also complete a project as part of the course that will provide them with a comprehensive appreciation of assessing occupational risk.

Successful learners will receive an IOSH approved certificate after completing all elements of the course. The format of the course consists of eight modules, with a workbook and eLearning course to be completed for each module. An end of module assessment is required to be completed as the learner progresses through the course. There is then an end of course assessment and project which must be passed and completed to achieve the IOSH certification.

  • Internationally recognised HSE qualification
  • Training is designed specifically for managers and supervisors operating in the marine and subsea sectors
  • Hazards, risks and controls discussed are all relevant to the marine and subsea industries with case studies based upon IMCA examples
  • Course layout allows for broad range of HSE topics, environmental concerns and risk identification and prevention to be covered in an easily digestible format

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IOSH Managing Safely in the Marine & Subsea Industries

Course Duration

24 hours of workbooks and eLearning with assessment,
followed by a risk assessment project.

Elements and Modules

The IOSH Managing Safely in the Marine & Subsea Industries training course consists of the following modules and elements:

Module 1 – Introducing Managing Safely
This module focuses on: understanding why it is important to manage health and safety at work; learning what is meant by ‘health and safety’; and considering the responsibilities that managers have in relation to ensuring their staff’s safety.

Module 2 – Assessing Risk
This module focuses on: understanding what risks are; learning what a risk assessment is; and understanding how to carry out a risk assessment.

Module 3 – Controlling Risk
This module focuses on: the steps that can be taken to reduce risk; making decisions on how risks should be
controlled; and the different types of control measures that need to be considered to ensure risks are controlled to an acceptable level.

Module 4 – Understanding Your Responsibilities
This module focuses on exploring how the law affects what you and your organisation need to do with respect to health and safety and how the law works. It also covers what actions a manager can take to promote a ‘good safety culture’ and ensure that safety standards are being met to a high level. The key components of a health and safety management system are discussed, including policies and procedures that need to be in place to ensure good standards of health and safety in the workplace.

Module 5 – Identifying Hazards
This module focuses on: learning about common workplace hazards; identifying how some of these workplace hazards should be controlled; and reviewing your own workplace to establish how well your organisation is managing these hazards.

Module 6 – Investigating Accidents and Incidents
This module focuses on: understanding the difference between ‘accidents’ (an incident involving injury) and ‘incidents’ (all unplanned, unwanted events); understanding why it is important to investigate accidents and incidents; exploring some of the reasons why accidents and incidents happen and what an organisation can do to prevent them from recurring; and learning how to carry out an effective investigation that identifies the ‘root cause’ of the accident or incident.

Module 7 – Measuring Performance
This module focuses on: learning what we mean by ‘performance measurement’ and its importance in managing health and safety; considering how an organisation can measure its health and safety performance and the different methods that can be used; and appreciating the importance of health and safety auditing.

Module 8 – Protecting the Environment
This module focuses on: learning about the factors that can affect the environment and the environmental impact that your business may have; finding out more about the main types of pollution (waste, land and air); learning about your responsibilities in controlling waste and pollution; and exploring how an organisation can manage environmental issues and ensure it has a suitable environmental policy.

Course certified by IOSH.
The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is the only Chartered body for health and safety professionals in the world.

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