Customised Training

Customised, Tailored and Bespoke Training

Customised and Bespoke Training Course Development

There will always be a place for “off the shelf” training, which provides generic, base-level knowledge that can be used by multiple companies in multiple industries as a starting point prior to the learner moving on to more focused, targeted training. However, customers are becoming increasingly more demanding in terms of having training that is specifically tailored for their business and that reflects their specific industry’s issues, and more importantly, their company-specific procedures, facilities, language and equipment.

SAFER Training specialises in developing training materials that are very specific to one industry or to a specific customer. These materials make use of case studies, visual aids and documentation that is directly relevant to the work the learners will actually perform on their vessel or asset. Our course designers are expert, not only in learning and course development but also in the domain they are training in (subsea/ marine/ oil and gas). All courses are designed to use the most appropriate blend of training delivery medium for that specific course i.e. theoretical learning via e-Learning, self study or classroom delivery and practical competence by hands-on, mentored, and workshop-based training either in the learner’s workplace or by using equipment in the training facility that is to the same specification.

All of our training courses have rigorous assessment included to ensure that the learner has gained the required knowledge or competence from the training intervention. This includes online assessments, which can be scenario-based or use randomised multi-choice questions to check the learner’s knowledge. Practical skills are assessed by qualified Assessors who will ensure that the practical skills required have been developed and the learner is competent to perform the required work on the vessel or in the field, when using the appropriate procedures, forms and equipment.

We will also work with lead HSE and awarding bodies to make sure that, wherever possible, the finished course carries recognised certification that will have ongoing value to the learner. Subject areas where we have developed this type of training include:

  • Safe Systems of Work / Control of Work
  • Permit to Work
  • Task Risk Assessment / JSA
  • Mechanical Isolations
  • Electrical Safety Rules
  • Lock-out / Tag-out
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Working at Height / Dropped Objects
  • Excavations Management
  • Radiation Management
  • Manual Handling
  • Environmental Awareness

We use the most effective and appropriate learning mediums for each course to accommodate the requirements of each customer, which can include:

  • Classroom delivery
  • Facilitated workshops
  • E-Learning courses
  • Training in the workplace
  • Blended learning delivery

Courses are designed using instructional designers and course designers with supporting subject matter expertise provided by a range of industry experts in HSE and technical subjects that apply to the oil and gas operations, oil and gas support services and marine industries. All training is assessed in line with the applicable legislation, standard or industry best practice. Our train-the-trainer programme enables suitably qualified personnel from our customers’ staff to deliver the training courses themselves. Courses are supported with a range of learning aids including: handbooks; delegate handouts and access to e-Learning resources.

SAFER Training also develops courses that address industry-wide issues and that can be deployed by any company operating in that industry. This enables companies to achieve more effective standardisation across their workforces and for the cost of re-training as personnel join new companies to be minimised.