OPITO – Internal Verifier (Blended Learning) – (9020)


The OPITO Internal Verifier (Blended Learning) course is designed to provide delegates the opportunity to undertake the OPITO Internal Verifier (9020) course without the need to travel / attend a physical class or physical course delivery.  The course can be completed at a time / place that is suitable to you.

This method of course delivery is a temporary method that OPITO have approved due to the current Covid 19 Pandemic situation.

The theory element of the course is delivered using e-learning (Course Slides / Videos), and there is a 60 minute assessment on completion of the theory element, in line with the classroom based training delivery.

The practical elements of the course will be completed following completion of the e-learning component, by attending ‘virtual Zoom meetings’ – these meetings will be conducted on a scheduled basis.

SAFER Training are here to help and assist you throughout the course.

If you require to register more than 1 delegate, please email to info@safer-training.com and we will provide you assistance.


OPITO Internal Verifier Course

Awarding Body



The training consists of the following modules and elements:

  1. Introduction to Internal Verification
  2. The Internal Verifiers Role

Delegates will complete an open book written test, maximum 60 minutes, in an invigilated environment, to test their underpinning knowledge of the theory of the OPITO Internal Verifier Training Standard.

Workplace Evidence Requirements

In order to complete this training programme delegates must submit, as a minimum, the verification- related documentation listed below to the OPITO-approved Training Provider within a twelve month period. Two assessors must be verified in the workplace and the same two assessors must be used throughout the verification process:

  1. A minimum  of  one  IV  sampling  plan,  which  includes  a  minimum  of  two assessment decisions made by two assessors
  2. IV  report(s)  that  include  the  results  of  internal  verifications,  covering  both assessors and two of their assessment decisions plus copies of the assessment records used in reaching each IV decision
  3. Evidence that documented feedback has been provided to both assessors and has been signed by both assessors
  4. Evidence  of  a  minimum  of  one  standardisation  activity  carried  out  by  the delegate
OPITO Exclusion Notes:
  1. Achievement of this qualification does not entitle the holder to award any certificate bearing OPITO’s logo and name. OPITO-approved certificates can only be granted by an OPITO-approved provider.
  2. The holder of the OPITO Internal Verifier certificate may not be recognised to verify qualifications issued by other organisations e.g. National or Scottish Vocational Qualifications in the UK. Delegates should clarify with the relevant organisation prior to conducting verification.

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