OPITO Banksman / Slinger Assessment Stage 3 & 4

The stage 3 banksman slinger assessment is a 1 day assessment to ensure that are competent in the role of the banksman as well as the slinger. There is no training involved, you will be required to perform various lifts in the role of the banksman and as the slinger using both hand signals and hand-held radio.

The course content will ensure delegates are able to:

  • As banksman- direct and control the movement and placing of the following loads
  • Simple pre-slung load
  • A bundled tubular lift
  • Restricted access lift
  • A lift in which a load has an offset centre of gravity
  • A blind lift

As a slinger-

  • Prepare and sling a simple lift
  • Prepare and sling a bundle of at least 3 tubulars
  • Prepare and sling a load with an offset centre of gravity.
  • All equipment must be inspected prior to use and all safety points will be discussed and implemented.

Stage 4 is a re-assessment, same as stage 3.

Do I qualify? To qualify to undertake the stage 3 assessment you need either:

Valid OPITO stage 1 certificate AND completed stage 2 logbook. OR

A formal letter from the candidate’s employer or senior employer representative stating that the candidate has met the equivalent of the OPITO stage 2 lifting experience logbook criteria. Please email us for more information to see if you qualify to sit the assessment.

OPITO BanksMan and Slinger 3 / 4
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