OIM Controlling Emergencies – Assessment (OIM)

OPITO Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) Controlling Emergencies (Assessment)

The OPITO OIM Controlling Emergencies Competence Assessment programme is aimed at personnel who are deemed ready by their employer to be formally assessed in the role of an OIM during an emergency situation.

The aim and objective of the OIM Controlling Emergencies Competence Assessment is to formally assess the delegate in the role of an OIM during an emergency situation in a simulated environment.

The assessment is designed primarily where there is a threat to life, installation and / or the environment, the scenarios can be realistically simulated and allow the delegate to support their existing skills, knowledge and experience in dealing with emergencies and critical situations to OPITO standards.

An OPITO OIM Controlling Emergencies Competence certificate indicates that the delegate has achieved a level of competence required to be recognised as an OPITO Certified Offshore Installation Manager.


Course Duration
One day

Awarding Body

Delegates must provide a formal declaration from their employer confirming that the delegate has achieved the Performance Criteria in Element 1.1 in the workplace and that the delegate has satisfied the core essential knowledge and asset type knowledge required to deem the delegate ready and prepared for formal assessment (details of the evidence required will be issued with the course joining instructions and will be assessed during the course).

The assessment consists of the following modules and elements:

Module 1 Control Emergencies and Critical Situation

1.1 Maintain a State of Readiness
1.2 Assess Situation and Take Effective Action
1.3 Maintain Communications
1.4 Delegate Authority to Act
1.5 Manage Individual and Team Performance
1.6 Deal with Stress in Self and Others

The delegate will be assessed against the performance criteria specified in Elements 1.2 - 1.6 of the OPITO standard under simulated conditions using a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 emergency scenarios based on the type of asset where the candidate is normally required to fulfil the OIM role as agreed and confirmed by the Duty Holder.

Realistic emergency scenarios must cover:

1. Threat to life
2. Threat to environment
3. Threat to plant and equipment

Scenarios are based on different major incidents from the range specified below:

a) Well Control incident
b) Explosion and fire
c) Accommodation fire
d) Helicopter incident
e) Pipeline incident
f) Collision or wave damage causing structural collapse
g) Loss of stability (for mobile assets only)

Delegates will be assessed against all of the following events at least once across the range of incidents, using appropriate combinations for each incident:

I. Evacuation or abandonment of asset by air and/or sea
II. Injured personnel or loss of life
III. Missing personnel or man overboard
IV. Loss of communication
V. Loss of evacuation and muster points
VI. Stressed Personnel (individual ineffectiveness or mass panic)
VII. Extreme weather conditions
VIII. Environmental impact
IX. Loss of essential facilities
X. Loss of key personnel
XI. Rapidly developing situation leading to information overload
XII. Loss of positioning (where appropriate)

Supporting Personnel
The employer may provide support to the OIM during the assessment using their own Emergency Response Team Members, where this is not possible, role players from the college can be provided to support the OIM during the Assessment. (additional charges apply)

Upon completion of the assessment, the delegate shall be informed of the assessment decision and the employer shall be notified of the outcome of the assessment within one working day. A written report identifying the outcomes of assessment and details of any further training requirements shall be provided to the delegate and their employer within 14 days.
Additional coaching days are available if required.

An OPITO OIM Controlling Emergencies Competence certificate will be issued to delegates who have been successfully assessed against all of the Performance and Knowledge Criteria.

All assessment’s will be delivered by our partners City of Glasgow College located at:

City of Glasgow College
Riverside Campus
21 Thistle Street
G5 9XB

Tel: +44 (0) 151 448 2770

Email: info@safer-training.com

More Information

Due to the nature of the OIM assessments, we dont provide scheduled dates for the OIM assessments.

We will look to accommodate you on your chosen / preffered dates.