New OPITO Approvals for OATC joint venture in South Africa

Jason Hall news

SAFER Training is delighted to announce that our joint venture with OATC in South Africa has successfully achieved four additional OPITO approvals:

  • OPITO Rigger stages 3 and 4
  • OPITO Banksman/ Slinger stages 3 and 4

OATC’s Chief Executive, Gary Concar commented, “These additional approvals allow us to provide the full range of OPITO Rigger and Banksman/ Slinger courses to our customers in Africa and also to deliver the stage 3 and 4 training to other international customers as these are portable approvals. We already have a significant order book for our new courses and we look forward to continuing to add further course approvals as our business expands.” SAFER Training’s Managing Director, Ian McMillin said, “We are delighted to further extend the scope of our joint venture with OATC. The demand for Rigger and Banksman/ Slinger training in Africa is strong and these approvals will also enable us to better service our customers in neighbouring regions.”