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If you are looking for OPITO Consultancy support, our OPITO in a Box is a simple but effective concept and service for organisations seeking to become OPITO approved.

Many organisations have difficulty in understanding or interpreting the exacting requirements they have to meet in order to become an OPITO approved centre. OPITO in a Box breaks down the process into simple understandable components, using proven methodologies to ensure compliance at each stage of the approval process and criteria that has to be met.

SAFER Training has been providing support to organisations seeking OPITO approvals since 2008. We have experience of working with a wide range of clients, from small independent training centres through to large Government-run facilities and military academies. Additionally, we have the experience of working in many different parts of the world in a variety of environments, some challenging, whilst at the same time understanding the importance of the cultural differences and barriers that our clients perceive as obstacles on the journey to approval and to becoming a Globally recognised training provider.

OPITO approved centres are recognised internationally for delivering consistent, high-quality training against industry standards that are Globally recognised.

Let SAFER Training provide the support to your centre in becoming an approved centre.

  • OPITO-in-a-Box expedites the approvals process by ensuring compliance in the following areas:
  • Management systems
  • Physical resources
  • Staff resources
  • Training and assessment

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Simple tried and tested approach to begin the application process:

  • Gap analysis
  • Review and planning
  • Preparation and submission
  • Audit support
  • Health checks (post approval)

This service allows organisations to achieve OPITO approvals in a timely, efficient and cost-effective way.

Once approvals have been achieved, SAFER Training continues to support our customers to maintain existing approvals and secure new approvals. This allows our customers to focus on delivering training.


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