Training Providers

SAFER Training provides an integrated package of services for Training Providers encompassing;

that assist training providers and end user customers to deliver industry accredited training to the standards required by the appropriate awarding bodies.

We offer a full portfolio of services that encompasses all elements of developing a successful training facility, such as:

  • Provision of the specifications for the building, classrooms and training simulation equipment required for a training centre.
  • Supplying/ recruiting instructors, auditors, verifiers and management personnel.
  • Creating/ auditing management systems.
  • Assisting with the approvals process by providing support and consultancy around the audit process required by the awarding body.
  • Provision of health checks for training centres prior to audit to highlight areas of potential non compliance with the required standard and opportunities for improvement such that these can be rectified prior to audit.
  • Provision of consultancy services around establishing, maintaining and managing competence standards.
  • Provision of Training Management Systems and Competence Management Systems (CMS).
  • Supplying all the equipment required to establish the training centre and run it on an ongoing basis.

This consultancy is further refined into two specific propositions:



OPITO-in-a-Box is a simple but effective service for organisations seeking to become OPITO approved.